league of legends character design.


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is it just me, or has character design in league of legends fallen off a lot? the oldest versions of league characters aren't exactly the most creative, but i joined league when champs like bard, the champion who was the whole reason i wanted to play the game in the first place, was released. i fell in absolute love with the strange, unique design of bard and other champions who were out/coming out at the time, like kindred, aurelion sol, rek'sai and tahm kench.

there seemed to be a spur of awesome champions, and after the release of camille, it just seemed to fizzle out for me. the designs became more generic, with characters having much more human traits with minute physical details changed around, and there have been a lot of reworks that just didn't live up to what i wanted them to be. ornn was the last unique design they've done, and he's been nerfed beyond belief already.

does anyone else share this opinion? it could be just me and my pickiness for character design, but i'm curious to know if anyone else thinks the same.