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Hello everyone,

My name is Kenny but you may call me Ken or Go_Jam either is fine. I been part of this team since The-Hub, The TheaterMC, and now Provim Gaming. What I hope for in Provim Gaming is to create a safe space for us gamers to talk about all types of games. Not only that help manage and provide fun servers for the community to play on and have a great time. What I like to do mostly is play Garry's Mod most of the time since I'm mostly a PC person, but I like Minecraft, Arma 3, Destiny, Civ 5, etc. When I'm not playing games I'm usually either studying or watching shows/anime and with my friends. I'm currently a college student working to get a Bachelors in Biology and its been hell but still taking the grind. I hope everyone will have a great time here and if not please tell us how we can Provim Gaming a better environment for you because at the end of the day, we want you to feel like home. If you wish to get in contact with me I am mostly active on our discord but private messages can also work as well. In time I will constantly edit my introduction to share new things in my life.