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Head Of Minecraft
hello. i'm h.

i'm habition on many of my accounts, but h. or lex is also fine to call me. i'm a long time member of this team and i plan on staying that way.

i've been playing minecraft and assisting in running servers for around eight to nine years. i enjoy video games, but i also love to draw, write, and sing. i'm an avid fan of horror and the occult. i love to take walks, explore the outside world, and make new friends wherever i feel open enough to do so.

i have ample experience in being an administrator on many different minecraft projects, and you'll come to find that's mainly what i'll be doing alongside some other things for provim. i've been with all these nerds -- crazehghost, go_jam, truetech, baboonski -- for many years, and i consider them my close friends alongside being reliable, hardworking team members. i'm very excited to pump some new life into our servers and build a new community; it's been a long time in the making, and i'm glad you've decided to join in on the ride.

just contact me with any questions or anything at all you might need. i'm always open to chat. thank you for your time.
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